How to check transmission fluid? on 1995 BMW 325i

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Where is the transmission fluid dipstick?
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Believe it or not, some 95 325's have a dipstick and some don't. We would have to see the car to determine if there is a dipstick or not. When there is no dipstick, you need to run the car's engine on a level surface for a few minutes, turn on the A/C to max, put on the parking brake, hold down the pedal brake and then shift the car through the various gears. After that, put the car in park and remove the filler plug from the transmission pan. If no fluid runs out, then the transmission fluid is too low. You need to then add fluid until it starts to run out. Obviously, all of this is a whole lot easier if you can put the car on a lift. We'd be happy to check it for you. Please call us at 770-676-1100 and we'd be happy to schedule an appointment.
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