How to check egnition coil on 1993 Cadillac DeVille

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How do I check kthe egnition coil for the fuel pump?
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there is no ignition coil for the fuel pump. it is controlled by a relay and the pcm.

the plugs work with a ignition coil.

what is the problem you are encountering?

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Car was running good. Next morning went out car cranks but will not start. When you turn on the key you can hear the fuel pump humming for a few seconds.
ok, the pump runs for 2 seconds with the key on. it will not stay runiing till the mtoro starts.

is the check engine light on?? if it is, we need the code to help with the diag process.

you have to check for spark as well. it sounds like you need a shop to find out why this will not start.

No the check engine light is not on. Could it be the ignition coil on the distributor? Thanks much for all your help.
yes it could. but it could also be the rotor, cap module or distributor pick up. that is assuming it has no spark.