how to change thermostat 03 cavalier on 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier

i can't find thermostat in a 2003 cavalier

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If you have the 2.2 Echotec engine, it's a pain in the . . . On the back of the engine where the exhaust manifold comes out you will find the water pump on the passenger side rear of the engine. There is a cross pipe that goes under the exhaust manifold to the drivers side of the engine. There are two 10 MM bolts that hold it on the thermostat housing. Very hard to get to unless you have a stubby 10MM wrench. You will need to remove the heat shield off the exhaust manifold to reach it. Once you have the bolts out you need to twist the pipe counter clockwise to flex it past the thermostat housing and remove it from the water pump. It has a gasket on each end that you will need to replace, these are slip in compression gaskets. You can use coolant to lube it when you put it back together.
The thermostat is inside the part you unbolted the pipe from and is held in by a plastic ring. these parts are keyed so they will fit back together properly. You will need to replace the face gasket on the mating surfaces of the t-stat housing as well. Good Luck
You state "it has a gasket at each end that you will need to replace"...please forgive my ignorance. But what has a gasket at each end? And uf you are referring to the crosspipe can you tell me what the technical name for that pipe is...cause im having trouble at the parts stores locating these gaskets . Additionally is there @ gasket ir seal associated with the heat sheild that will also need to be replaced?