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2007 Toyota Corolla Question: How to change the air filter on my 2007 Corolla

Hi,, Where can I find instructions on how to change the air filter on my 2007 Corolla? Thanks -
Answer 1
Looking into the engine compartment the air filter housing is inside the black rectangular box half way between the driver's side head light and the rear of the engine compartment. There are about four spring clamps that just flip open (no tools required). Flip open these clamps pull the top half of the box upward and you will see the air filter. Remove debris in the air filter box and replace the filter. -
Comment 1
no there is no clamps -
Comment 2
Thank you so much! I had taken the car to Toyota on Friday to have the oil changed and they wanted to charge me $32 to change my air filter. I told them I could do it myself. Went to Napa and bought the filter and thanks to your advice I was able to locate where it was and change it myself. Cost about $15-$16 for the filter and took about 2 minutes of my time. Knowledge gained - priceless! We have to save money wherever we can in these days, and I guess they thought a female would just say to go ahead and change it and pay the money. Not a mechanic by no means, but I did just recently teach my 18 year old grandson how to jump off a car properly. -