2004 Cadillac CTS Q&A

2004 Cadillac CTS Question: how to change spark plugs on a 2004 cadillac cts

need to know steps involved to change the spark plugs -
Answer 1
Now for your spark plugs! You need to remove your plenum to get acces to your spark plugs. After removing the plenum, remove all individual coil and replace the sparks plugs. For the gasket... If you got the paper plenum gasket YES you need to replace it but if you got the metal rubber gasket, you dont need to replace it. But in my opinion, if you have the 2004 cts and the plenum as never been removed, you got the paper one so buy it its not very expansive. If you need more help dont be shy. Found this at cadillacowners.com....good luck. -
Answer 2
The best thing to do is to take your car to a dealership... There are too many gaskets in the upper and lower manifold and anyone of them out of place will cause you more problams in the future. -