2006 Volkswagen Passat Q&A

2006 Volkswagen Passat Question: How to change spark plugs; anything unique?

Are there any hidden wire connections to sensors? Any special tools needed to remove coils from spark plugs? What are the best choice for replacement spark plugs? -
Answer 1
To remove the spark plugs VW have a special tool but it basically a plug socket that will remove a 16mm/ (5/8) spark plug. their tool is 11 inches long and attaches to a 3/8 ratchet. To replace the spark plugs takes less than a hour, VW part # is 101905631B, or Bosch F6KPP332S , I like Denso plugs. -
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What is the gap for 2002 vw passat 1.8t ? -
Answer 2
What is the gap settig for my 2002 VW passat 1.8t ? -
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Gap @ .028 -