How to change spark plugs on 2005 Buick LeSabre

How do you change spark plugs on fire wall side of 3800
engine Buick leSabre 2005

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I laid across the top of the engine, reached between firewall and engine . I would place all 3 plugs where you can reach them while laing on engine , If it has a plastic cover remove filler neck and cover relace filler .
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I changed my spark plug and wires last year, and everything went just fine until I got to the last one on the firewall side! I had to buy extenders and all that. It was like the saying goes...always one! To top it off, the wire shredded and I had to drive on 5 cylinders for a few days until I got paid to get another part. Of course the check engine light and security lights were on. So next time I am going to take it too a shop and have them do it! lol I would recommend you do that, but who knows you may not have as much trouble as I!
dont think theres a magic answer, used to be you could unbolt brace at top front of engine and rock it forward, but that isnt in the directions, probably just need to cut your arms up.