how to change radiator on 2004 Mini Cooper S

radiator seaping on top right corner where tank meets fins

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Removing And Installing Radiator
Turn off ignition.
Caution: Danger of scalding.
Open pressure cap on fill tower, only after engine has cooled down.
Drain coolant.
Remove front carrier.
Remove oil cooler if fitted (ECVT only).
Remove radiator top hose.
Remove condenser retaining bolts (1) and lift condenser unit from support/retaining lug (2).
Care could be taken, to ensure attached pipes are supported.
Disconnect radiator top hose.
Remove radiator retaining pins (1).
Move radiator forward at top.
Disconnect harness from cooling fan relay pack (1).
Lift radiator from bottom supports (1).

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Just like Roy said. I'd just add that it's important to use the the original blue BMW coolant.