how to change a water pump on 97 buick park avenue on 1997 Buick Park Avenue

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how to change water pump on 97 buick park avenue
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jack up passengerside. remove front tire. remove splash sheild. drain cooling system. jack up engine and support it's weight. remove motor mount on belt assembly(as the vehicle only has 1 motor mount, and 3 trasmission mounts. motor mount is on pulley system). it is possible to remove and replace water pump without removing the mount but it's crammed and difficult. release serpentine belt tensioner and remove serpentine belt(motor mount must be removed to remove serpentine belt completely on the 97 park avenue,write down belt loop order and reinstall the same way when finished. if not removing the mount, loop belt out of the way. remove pulley on water pump. remove bolts to pump on the block. pull the pump and installation is reverse. use a red high temp gasket maker and a gasket from your autoparts store for extra support. let sit a couple hours before starting engine. run engine, check for leaks.