how to change a standaard to an automatic on 1994 Mazda Protege

drive train change over

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I am afraid that your intentions are quite complicated. The first thought I have is: there are a ton of parts you would need. You would need all the necessary different components from the clutch pedal and bracketry to the rest of the clutch actuation system to the clutch components, the transmission components, different wiring harnesses, a clutch pedal position switch, a different engine processor, possible different engine performance components, possibly a different radiator for non- transmission cooling...the shifter and components...

Far too complex for the intended result, in my opinion. Better to search for the automatic car you are seeking.
i was wanting to change from a standard to an automatic
My absolute apologies. I read it and transposed it.

However, the opinion remains the same. If you reverse all the things I suggest you need to modify, you still have a ton of things to do to get thigns right. Worse yet, the engine management has to accomodate an automatic transmission, which requires harness and processor replacement, as well as possible sensor replacements. Still a prohibitive situation.