how to cancell vsc lights,accelerator only has acceleration right @ the bottom? on 1999 Lexus GS300

90% of the time yhat im in my lexus the car only has accelration right at the bottom,but when it has full accelration oooh what a beauty,how can you HELP,the VSC lights come on religousely moments after i start the car,how can i solve these problems???????

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ABS and/or 'check engine' light on also?
yes the engine management light and abs light is on also,and the closest diagnostic machine for lexus is 300km away from me,i'm from a small town in SA called dundee''the nearest lexus agents are in durban or johannesburg,your help is greatly appreciated.
VSC and ABS probably on (and disabled by default) due to whatever fault is causing the check engine light. NEED to get that checked , BEFORE ABS &VSC , more than likely fixing emissions/engine related problem will take care of the other lights , although the codes may need to be cleared manually with a scanner that works with those systems.ANY reputable , up to date shop should have scanner with OBDII , which will work on your car.
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scan codes for all codes and post so we can adv
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