how to blled the breaks ? on 2002 GMC Sierra 1500

we can get fluid out of the front breaks but not the rear

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After all this, what have you done to the rear brakes that requires bleeding? Tell me exactly how you are trying to bleed the brakes! It's simply bleeding brakes, just like you always have! Need more info. on your procedure.
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Why can't you get fluid out of the rear? Are the bleeders rust frozen and won't turn or no fluid comes out when they are open?
when the bleeders are open ,we think it my be the abs pump because we cant get fluid threw the rear line after the abs pump .
You may have a faulty master cylinder that is not pushing the fluid, also the ABS module needs to be bled first then start at the furthest point, hence passenger rear and ect..also check for a crimped line, some times rubber lines will deteriorate and not let fluid through..
You'll need a scanner to bleed the brakes.