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2006 Chrysler Town & Country Question: How To Access and Replace Rear A/C Evaporator Core and Thermal Exp. Valve

There is a freon leak somewhere near the rear evaporator. I cannot afford to pay shop. I need help accessing the unit and replacing it. I plan to take it to a shop to have it recharged. -
Answer 1
Hey Gary, By all means, spend the $20-$30 and get a repair manual, there are a few you can get online that are very good. Read up on the job before starting so you have a better idea as to how to perform this repair. Here are a couple of the best: http://bit.ly/mitchell_repair_manuals_online AllData: http://bit.ly/alldata_repair_manuals -
Answer 2
Take it to the dealer, this issue should be repaired by the dealer due to "recall" of the evap core prematurely rusting out. They repaired my free of charge. -
Comment 1
I was able to get the evaporator replaced on warranty at a dealer. Thanks to this forum, I learned about the extended warranty on this problem - to 70,000 miles. It is important anyone else with this problem take advantage of the extended warranty. Otherwise the cost is around $450! I also recommend that anyone with a Chrysler van modify a plastic tray and glue it over the A/C lines behind the passenger side rear wheel to protect them from corrosion. -