How often should I flush the Transmission, Power Steering and Fuel Systems on 2006 Honda Accord

A routine inspection recommended all three. This has never been done, but the lights have not come on. Should the flush be done? Should I wait for the lights to come on indicating it's time?

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I would certainly change the transmission fluid every 30k miles (maybe every 20K if the trans has high mileage. It's simple there is no oil pan on that transmission (only drain and refill). Flush brake fluid every two years, power steering fluid on your Honda is Acura/Honda specific fluid, change maybe every 30K or if steering show signs of a problem. Engine oil every 3,000, make sure valves are adjusted as part of a major tune up and spark plugs and fuel filter are also replaced as part of a major tune up.
Timing belt replacement is also important on this engine.
Spark plugs (iridium NGK or NIPPONDENSO) @ 105K , assuming no other system problems. Timing belt (with seals and water pump and acc. drive belts) also at 105K. Fuel system very rarely , unless there is contamination causing problem - we usually see diesel fuel as that culprit -believe it or not.
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it depends on the car most cars do not have a light that says flush fluids it may say service required. it depeds on milage around 25k is ok for flushed but each car is different depends also on how car is driven.