how often should a Honda accord 2001 transmission fluid be changed ? on 1999 Honda Accord

no problem, just told it was black.

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30K avg. , Honda fluid . DRAIN & FILL ONLY!! NO FLUSH.
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high miles i would do it every two years and use honda fluid
every 30,000 miles
Its reckoned that transmission fluid should be changed at 30,000 miles , older type transmissions used to appx a gallon
of fluid but new wave transmissions only use a about 3 bottles of fluid ,great for keeping the cost down ,but less fluid = more heat ,Honda Accords need an after market cooler ,when you consider how much work and temp the fluid has to do its no wonder alot of transmissions fail , some people think as long as it works there is no problem and forget about it, but with the sealed for life type its ecencial to flush the trans out and refil with new fluid on a regular basis .