How often do water pumps fail? on 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

I actually own a low mileage 1987 Olds Ciera and purchased it new on Dec. 15, 1986. December 2008 I was driving from Seattle to Portland, OR when the water pump went out. Repair shop at time told me that since I had orginal water pump and radiator, I should replace both as I still needed to drive another 11 hours to go to California. 8 months later water pump failed again Because I wasn't driving this car decided to wait until the following March to get it replaced. This shop gave me part and said it was defective new water pump that had be installed. NOW the second water pump has failed. I have not taken it anywhere yet. The car is clean, not abused, and has about 127,000 miles. Can two new water pumps fail when I haven't driven more than 4000 miles since the lst replacement was installed?

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This is quite odd, are these GM factory pumps or cheap quality knock offs? Also, how is the belt alignment? If the belt pulley is off, then the belt will apply stress to the water pump bearing and wear it out prematurely.
First garage was independent and second was a Midas shop where I had been trusted owner and mechanics, but they probably both bought from NAPA ot similar. Not sure of belt alignment. I'm not a mechanic. Just wanted to get some info before I go to a shop. Always fear they knoiw that I know nothing and can take advantager of this. The first shop have not gone to in 2 years but is somewhat locat. The second shop is out of state, but a chain,. Can the thermostat be a possible problem?
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Use the OE GM pump. Some chains buying the lowest quality parts so they can have a bigger profit. There are many low quality parts in the major part stores.

Thank you. I'm learning the hardway.
are they reman water pumps or new ones go to autozone get a new one lifetime warrity
Thanks for the advice.