How often do I change the power steering fluid in my car? on 2009 Kia Spectra

My car has about 22,700 miles on it and it has not had the power steering fluid changes so far.

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22,700 is considered a very low mileage to be considering a power steering fluid change, but always use the manufacturers recommendations for fluid changes, and levels. Are you having problems with low/leakage or discolored power steering fluid? First check the level of power steering fluid with the cap, it has writing or fluid level markings on the stem/(dipstick) of the power steering cap, on level ground. It may read full hot or full cold. Use this time to also check for leaks, and rubber hose wear, your small owners manual should specify the correct fluid levels. Now problems with a stiff or hard to turn steering wheel can be a sign of other issues, (such as rack and pinion, power steering pump, malfunction,and others), have the system checked by a professional.
Hi, thanks so much for your answer. You go into such specifics that I have made a note of all of it. I really appreciate all the info. I only ask because I can't find any information on when it should be changed as far as being part of a maintenance schedule item. I haven't really dug into the manual as much as I should, which I will, I just thought if I asked there would be a simple answer to the question. A couple times in researching for the answer it said to do it like every 3 months and I am going...say what???? Anyway, my mechanic suggested I do it and the other suggestions he has made are in line with what my research is telling me so I guess I will go ahead and do it unless it is bad for my car which I don't think it is. Again, thank you so much for your answer. Totally cool you answered it so quick.
Thank you, but remember to use the vehicles manufacturers recommended power steering fluid, I did some research and do have to admit, I dont see much on changing power steering fluid intervals either but through my experiences and numerous vehicles the fluid is contained in a tightly enclosed container, and has very little contact with us "humans" until a problem arises, like accedentally pouring the wrong fluid in,or debri/ dirt etc. The owners manual (small one), can assist you with other important infomation, and yes every three months is over the top, save some money by checking color and level for free, just a plan old visual check of the entire area. Good Luck