How much would it cost to repair a defective Cam Sensor? on 2004 Cadillac CTS

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While driving (anytime of the day--cold or warm engine) the vehicle feels like it wants cut-off. This has been happening everday for the past three days. The diagnostic code is P0341--Cam Sensor Condition appears to be defective.
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Good possibility that it is a faulty Bank 1 Cam Position Sensor (CMP), but the fault could be anywhere in the circuit so a technician would probably like to look at the CMP signal before he replaces it. My info looks like it's about an hour labor and $75 for parts so that's abut $175. It says that you have to remove the radiator and AC condenser to get to it so an hour labor may be too little but that's what my manual says. that's without diagnosis time which could be another hour.
Here are a directory link and and estimator line for you:

Thanks for the follow up. Another mechanic asked me if there was a bulletin from Cadillac regarding this problem.
I replaced a cam shaft sensor. You can do it yourself for under 45 bucks. Easy to do. Just need the part and a wrench