1998 Volkswagen Jetta Q&A

1998 Volkswagen Jetta Question: how much would it cost to fix an oil housing assembly

i was gonna by a jetta from a frind but dont know where and how to find how much it would cost to fix it thanks for advice in advance -
Answer 1
are you talking oil filter housing assembly -
Comment 1
yes -
Comment 2
it depends on extent of the damage. its 98.oo to remove and replace it plus the repair. -
Comment 3
although i dont know the extent of the damage but would you know maybe how much all together it would roughly be i need to come up with they money asap thanks again im also gonna call a shop in the morning so i would like to know if someone is gonna try and rip me off money is money but if its like a 300 hundred dollar fix and they charge a grand then ill know to look elsewear -