How much will it cost to shut the Airbag light off in my 2002 Ford Explorer?
on 2002 Ford Explorer

It used to flash when I started the car, and now it just stays on.

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Horn when pushed, not remote, and cruise control working? If not post and can advise further! Also, with a flashlight, look 'closely' under drivers seat for any broken wires, green in color. Let us know!
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You will need to get the air bag sytem diagnosed first. Light cannot be turned off. Light comes on because there is a fault in one of the compotents or wiring.
The light can not just be "turned off.” This is a safety feature and the light is on because in the event of a collision the air bag/s will not deploy. The Safety Restraint System (SRS) will need to be diagnosed to determine the source of the problems and the correct repair. The diagnosis runs $ 59.95