How much will it cost to replace the two front axles of the car? on 1999 Acura CL

What is a good estimate

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Hello on your vehicle the estimate for replacement of both front c.v. axles should be around $420.00 to $772.00 +tax in your area. There is s repair center loacted at 7210 c Warwick Blvd.the name is Professional Diagnostics Repair and you could also search on REPAIR PAL.COM to find more qualified repair centers.HAVE A BLESS DAY from DR. RECO.
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Depends on wheather you can do the work yourself. You have to know how to remove the axle nut, brakes lower ball joint nut. once its taken out of the hub splines its a matter of just prying it out. If you do it yourself could take a few hours. Remanufactered half shafts(axles are about 60 bucks so it would cost you around 120 dollars if you do it yourself.