2002 Saturn Vue Q&A

2002 Saturn Vue Question: How much will it cost to replace the engine?

I am thinking about buy a vue from someone. It's a 2002 but there is a knock in the engine. I'm looking to spend around 3500 on a new car total. He is selling it for 1800. Found an engine for 500 with a 3 year warrenty. Just wondering if it will still be in my price range to have it put in. Really like the car and if I can stay under 4000 then I will definitely put the work into it and buy it. -
Answer 1
what motor is in it and stick or auto and 2.2l or 3.0l -
Comment 1
I'm not totally sure about all of that. I believe it is automatic but that's basically all I know. -
Comment 2
you need the size to get a labor est.big diff in price -
Comment 3
Ok I will find out and let you know. Thanks for the help! -
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