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2005 Suzuki Forenza Question: How much will it cost to get an ECU software update?

After about a year of trying to figure out the problem with this car, I finally got it thoroughly scanned and received a P1779 code, an Engine Torque Input Malfunction. I was told that I would have to take my car back to the dealership in order to get the ECU reprogrammed and updated. Do I have to go to a dealership or can I go to a service shop? How much will this cost? -
Answer 1
approx 125.00 but varies in diff areas. is it a wanrranty issue? -
Comment 1
No, it's not the warranty. My car has been riding rough and misfiring badly for a while. For the longest, whenever I got it scanned, it would return a P0300 code. I've had it tuned and even replaced the catalytic converter but nothing helped. I got it scanned by a G-scan (I think that's what it's called) when it gave the P1779 code, and this was the only code that came up. I called a dealership and they told me they would charge $97 for the update. -
Comment 2
good price but make sure it will fix your problem -
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I'm hoping it will. I spoke with my mechanic and did a lot of research on this. It makes sense to believe that it's the ECU. I just hope the update won't cause additional problems. -
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I'm having the same issue with mine. How did your car turnout after the update? -