how much will it cost to convert the air suspension to a coil, spring non air system? on 1995 Lincoln Town Car

i am interested in having this done on a 1995 lincoln town me @ thanks

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Check out this company:
or call them at: 1-866-597-2733
They have what you are looking for.

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get springs at around 65 bucks, easy to do. takes about one half an afternoon if that long
What you do is go to your parts store and look up standard rear coil springs for
a 1995 Mercury Grand Marquis. When I did our Lincoln the set cost $285. You can
just tie the air lines from the compressor to the frame above the axle to get
them out the way, rather than cutting them off. Remove the fuses to the air
suspension computer in the trunk and the air compressor on the engine. Just
take out the airbags and install the regular springs from the Mercury. The car
rides just as good and you'll be done with that tail-draggin' stuff.