How much will it cost to change Timing belt? on 2003 Kia Sorento

My KIA sorento has done 90000 km, how much will it cost to change the timing belt?

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You can get that estimate here and find a shop to replace it here
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My 2005 Kia Sorento has 85,000 and my Kia dealership just told me i would need to get it replaced for $600! They can't even see it becuase it's in the engine so it's only because of the mileage. My car runs fine so why should I spend the money now. Is it supposed to be expensive if it breaks down while driving it and then have to get it fixed?
If I were you I would get it and the water pump replaced... I have an 05 Sorento with 82,000 and it left me stranded on the off ramp of I-95.
I am getting ready to have this done. Kia dealership quoted me around $450 for this repair and my local trusted mechanic's price is $350.
With an interference engine, it cost us $6,000 to NOT change it.
Iam asking because I do not know.
I just had this done yeaterday at Kia dealership. Total cost was 548.94 for all parts and labor which also included both drive belts.