How much to replace the input and output sensors and connectors? on 2003 Chrysler 300M

Check engine light came on and car went into limp mode. Mechanic reset it and it did it again so he hooked it up to the computer and it said this is what needed replaced. He did this and when I got about 12 miles away from the shop it did it again. Now he says Chrysler said that the connectors needed changed.

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Agreed. Need to know the codes the pcm/ecu is throwing. Not sure which sensors and connections the tech is talking about.
Thank you for your time. The tech said the computer says it is the input output sensors. So after replacing and it still not working he called Chrysler and was advised that even though the connector looked good they would have to be replaced to rememdy this problem. I will find out this afternoon when I pick it up and if it is still doing the same thing I will have no choice but to take it to a Chrysler dealsership.
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get another technician to look limp mode only occurs with a repeated mechanical problenm or transmission problem. the engine should store codes this doesnt answer but more info can be obtained knowing the hard codes.second opinion
Thank you for your time. The mechanic said after talking to Chysler that the connectors needed replaced so if this doesn't rememdy the problem it will be going to a Chrysler dealership.