how much to replace my whole right wheel well? ball joints blew out on intersta on 1997 Honda Accord

I was going 75 when all of a sudden my whole right front end gave out. I'm assuming everything is bent up under there (cv joints, struts? So assuming everthing is shot, what is an appropriate labor charge for all that stuff under there?

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IF you can find a shop that will install a used knuckle assembly , then maybe you can expect to spend maybe $400-$600.00 for everything , including alignment. That amount is very subjective to the labor rate in your area and availability of the part. Also IF a shop is willing to do that , they may or may not give any kind of warranty ---get it in writing! Also this is guessing , scince I can't actually see it , so yeah , body shop -or mech. shop ,either one to get a true idea of how much damage there really is and what HAS to be fixed for safety and drivability. the other side should be inspected also , so the same doesn't happen.
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you will have to take it to a body shop