1994 Ford Aerostar Q&A

1994 Ford Aerostar Question: how much to fix the rear end and can the brakes be fixed (that are frozen?)

I didn't get to finish from my earlier question. With frozen brakes, rear end busted, I Have to tow it. -
Answer 1
Try the wrecking yard for a good used one. How did it freeze in Hawaii? Lol -
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Freeze, means stuck-like the computer gets frozen. After some time with the noise from something in the back bouncing off the ground...esp. when I cross a bridge, the brakes started to lock, then release and again and again. It has something to do with the rear end. -
Answer 2
Seems you need a wrecker! What did you have in mind for towing? -
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I've used a wrecker and its in a safe place for now until I decide what to do with it. Sell it for parts, or just junk it. -
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Ok, i got ya. 94 Areostar aint worth major repair work, unless it's in pretty good shape! -
Comment 3
It's in excellent shape otherwise. How expensive are we talking about to fix the prob...providing the parts are available at the junk yard? -
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Use the Estimator here on PayPal for a price in your zip code. -