How much to fix misfiring cylinder 1 and cylinder 2? on 2003 Ford Escape

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car is misfiring first 1000 rotations? on first two cylinders. basically it seems to run fine except for when it starts up but once it starts going it drives fine. although every once in a while i have to refill the coolant tank because it seems to run low–-somehow related to the misfires??
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Yes, it is related, coolant is seeping into 1&2 when engine is off, for a while, due to a defective/blown head gasket, most likely but 'possible' cracked cylinder head (Bank-1). Misfires occur until coolant is burned from cylinders then smooths out. See a mechanic for repairs!
Well ok,,, it COULD be as much as 2,800.00 to 3,500.00 depending on what the problem is after teardown! Use the estimator here on this site for charges in your area.