2002 Dodge Neon Q&A

2002 Dodge Neon Question: how much to change out front shocks

I had a mechanic tell me my springs and struts in front need to be replaced. How much are they for two. -
Answer 1
You can check this price and any other repair at www.repairpal.com/estimator and find a mechanic here www.repairpal.com/directory -
Answer 2
about 50 to 100 per side plus parts (buy ur own parts it will save u on average 50%) this is average cost at a self owned repair shop u will want to replace them fairly quick or else it will cost more because u will have to buy the parts that hold the struts in place (strut mounts) then ball joints (these are what hold ur wheels on and when they go out ur wheel will most-likely fall of in a turn) then tie rods (when these go out ur car will start eating tires at a very rapid rate, these will also require a front end alignment once replaced or ur car will still eat tires) then cv-axels (they start making a popping noise when u turn then eventually when they go out ur wheels will stop turning as if ur car is in neutral) it gets expensive quick so act fast or ur repair cost can add up -