How much time to replace rear main seal? on 1997 Dodge Ram 1500

Automatic transmission on the truck. How much time does all data or mitchell's say this procedure should take to make sure my mechanic is not overcharging me? Thank you in advance!

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I don't remember ever looking, when it starts leaking replace it. I feel you're talking about the output shaft seal (to the drive line). Have seen them run for years without leaking. Have seen them have low mileage and leak depending on weather or road conditions. Have seen the output shaft bushings fail and people just replace the seal and it keep leaking without proper diagnosis.
Thank you for your reply! It is indeed an engjne oil leak its not red trans fluid coming out of there. I have replaced the trans recently as well so i doubt its the output shaft seal. Never touched the engine. How much hours will be charged can you tell?
2wd or 4wd; 2wd will probably be about 4 hrs book time to remove and reinstall the automatic trans.
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