How much should it cost to replace the front engine mount? on 2005 Honda Odyssey

The dealer is saying just under $1000! I've had this done on my Acura, and it was nowhere near that expensive. Is a mini-van *that* different? Is the dealer ripping me off?

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The front mount from Napa runs about $94 and the labor to remove and replace is 1 1/2 hours. You can find a independent shop to change this here But sometimes when they remove one mount they will find the others need replacement also as you can't really tell until they begin to do the work just to let you know.
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yes, the engines with cylinder shut down have special mounts.
these mounts are fairly expensive and are a computer controlled hydraulic piece, about $525.00, labor is not another $500.00 to replace, I would be looking for an independent Honda shop in your area, there are quite a few in the Atlanta area. The dealer pricing that you are getting is too much unless there are some other items, like the right side mount, that may be included in that estimate.
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