how much should it cost to replace a front wheel bearing on 1997 Chevrolet 1500 Pickup

my truck seems hard to steer at times- fluid is fine- I had a mechanic tell me the front left wheel bearing is really bad and the right one is just bad after I had a tune up and he took for a ride due to the chugging I felt at 50mph. the tune up fixed that problem. how do i know if i have a wheel bearing problem?

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Sounds like you have a power steering problem not a bearing. Find another shop.
what would give me (a person with no mechanical knowledge) an indication that I would have a bearing problem? I've been told that when the vehicle seems to steer or "float" like your driving a boat that might be it / sound right?
That floating boat feel could be from a bad steering speed sensor. I think it's also called an EVO Sensor.