How much should it cost to repair a drive chain? on 2004 Acura TSX

Our Acura TSX has over 100,000 miles on it. Three days ago it would not start that morning. We had it towed via AAA to a local repair shop. He thinks it may be the Drive belt. He wants to order the "kit". It would cost $500. He quoted a total of $800 including labor. However, after researching a couple of online part websites the chain itself is only $95. The total for a chain, cover gasket, chain tensioner, Guide rail and Tensioner Adjuster only came to $248. What is in a kit and is he trying to overcharge for the parts?

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I agree with cb30!
NAPA Timing Chain Kit
$ 629.10 /ea
Part Number: ATM 05495400
Product Line: Altrom Imports
IMPORTANT INFO: Gears Not Included
This is a QUAILITY timing chain kit, straight from NAPA's.. home site!!!!!!!!

What about the price from parts geek? The timing chain was only $95.
Go for it but keep in mind the quality of the parts you are getting!!!.... I posted a quality "timing kit' ... not just the chain!! The shop has got to make money and at that price you got...,it ain't much!!!... I do understand where you are coming from though!
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$800 Hmmm.....If you think he can do it correctly......jump on that price like flies on sh&t!!!! Most places and shops would charge 200-600 more than that for the same job.