How much should it cost to re-attach a power steering pump and serpentine belt? on 1998 Buick LeSabre

The bolts that hold my power steering pump apparently loosened over time and broke, and the power steering pump came off, which caused the serpentine belt to also come off. Nothing was broken except for the bolts so those were the only new part needed. I was charged about $420 just for labor, $490 altogether with the new bolts. Am I being ripped off?

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What was the shops hourly labor rate? What parts did they replace, itemized parts list please.
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You may have gotten off cheap if they had to drill the bolts in the engine to remove them before replacing the power steering pump. That may have entailed moving the engine to gain access to have room for the drilling.

WHY were those bolts loose? Had someone serviced or replaced the power steering pump and not torqued the bolts?
Mitchell Labor Guide says 2 hours to replace a power steering pump. Shop labor rates are usually around 100 dollars. If they had to extract the bolts from being snapped off in there then thats additional labor.Replacing the belt calls for 1.1 hour of labor. So what they charged for labor maybe a little higher then it should have been depending on how much time it took to extract bolts. as for parts, if it truly was only the bolts, thats way to much for bolts