How much should it cost to fix these problems in the electrical system? on 2004 Honda Odyssey

Odyssey was parked one evening, wouldn't start next morning. Towed to dealership - they replaced ignition coil fuse ($158.44). Went to pick up car, dash lights showed all four doors open even though they were all closed. TCS light was burning and service engine light stayed lit. Dealership says they have to get under the hood (said the lights were stuck). They weren't burning when the car was taken to them. Dome lights and radio shooting fuses. They've had car 3 days.

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GET IT TO A DIFFERENT DEALER !! Sounds like a possibility that some change made it's way into your CD player . Takes about 10 minutes (somewhat experienced honda tech) to pull audio unit and shake it. Fuse blowing issue -dome lights and radio related . Good luck.