how much should ALL belts & hose replacement cost? on 2002 Dodge Ram 1500

a local dealership says we need all new belts and hoses on this truck in order for the check engine light to stay off, and in order to get our inspection sticker renued. they gave us an estimate of $1900.00 does this estimate sound correct to you??

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The check engine light comes on for emissions related issues, and neither the belts or hoses fall into this category. Can you get the diagnostic trouble codes that set off the check engine light and post them here?
thanks so much for your answer, however the problem has since been solved. seems the black emmisions box underneath the truck had it's wires burned up ( they were original) and therefore causing the problem of the check engine light to stay on. I had wires replaced at dealership for approx. $400.00 and was able to obtain my yearly inspection sticker as a result.