How much should a distributor cost? on 1990 Acura Integra

manufacturer number: 30100PR4A03

Asked by for the 1990 Acura Integra
Check out ebay, "new" one for 79.99 complete with cap!!!
I can't believe it either but i just now looked at it!! A Reman. from NAPA is about 225.00.
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OEM distributor 600 or more.just go find a used one in your local junkyard it will work, what's wrong with the old one? no spark? get it tested/checked usually the igniter/coil goes bad just replace it and it's cheaper than to get the whole new distributor.
the mechanic i took it to said that it melted in my engine...i found one online for $240 and the same part my mechanic wanted to buy was $425. I don't want a used one because there could be more chance that my cam shaft will lock up and then mess up my engine valves and kill my engine! i guess it isn't unheard of in an Acura. thanks for you input though.
Go for it!!! 240.00 is a much better deal than a NEW one with warranty for 79.99!!! Surely!!!!