How much oil does it hold? on 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

I need to do a oil change but i forgot how much oil i need to get to put in the engine.

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wetry is the man
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Did you forget which engine you have too? Either way 4 or 6 cly, put in 4 qts. start engine be sure oil light goes off or gauge showes pressure, turn off engine and check dip stick, top off as needed, prob. another 1/2 qt. or so.
So get 5 qts. with filter change! Now, lube shop is cheaper than doing it yourself and less mess. No old oil to dispose of either! Up to you.
Answer #1 is good.....just don't go to jiffy lube.
I agree, was thinking walmart, i dont see how they do it as cheap as they do. Cant do it myself for that even with special deals! I guess some folks just like doing it themselves, nothing wrong with that either.
you need 4.5 litres of oil but like wetry says its cheaper taking it to a lube shop