How much oil do u put in a new air conditioning compresser on 1999 Mercury Villager

Brand new compresser how much oil don't want to over fill

Asked by for the 1999 Mercury Villager
You must drain the oil in a clear measuring cup and add the appropriate oil to your compressor. The entire system should hold about 4 ounces in the accumulator, 4 ounces in the condenser and about 4-6 ounces in the compressor. I suggest that you also add florescent dye as well to the oil so a leak can be detected in the future. Now this I have based on a front unit only, if it has a dual unit, go by the label that should be under the hood for correct measurements. I use esther oil mainly, it covers all types of AC oils. And can be mixed with all. I hope I have shed some light on your request.
It did thank u so much! Have a great night.