1996 Honda Accord Q&A

1996 Honda Accord Question: How much more should it cost to replace master cylinder if car has ABS?

There is a huge variance in prices quoted. I assume that has to do with whether it's got ABS or not. True? -
Answer 1
False. most likely quality of parts and different labor rates. -
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Thank you. It's for a car with 180k miles on it, so the cheapest one is the way to go. -
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wow that was just a wild guess , I thought the answer was "true"q27i tla7tbla978GHPA(:H -
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Why are you answering a question if you no more idea than I do? -
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I just have a warped sense of humor , my first answer was serious.Only thing I would really recommend is making sure the parts don't come from advance auto parts,unless you want to do the job more than once. sorry about the other response. -