1999 Dodge Ram 1500 Q&A

1999 Dodge Ram 1500 Question: How much labor time is estimated to take out 2 stuck spark plugs?

My husband can't get these out to put 2 new ones in, so we are taking it to the Dodge Dealership, and their labor estimate was $255 (3 hours) to $340 (4 hours). Will it really take that long? -
Answer 1
Short of taking to another shop and getting a second opinion this is only way to know. Job like this is not something you can get out of a time guide. Even the dealer has not nailed down a exact time estimate to do it. The thing in my mind is why are the spark plugs seized in the first place. -
Comment 1
These two plugs won't turn to loosen. -
Comment 2
You say the will not turn ..I understand. Its not a normal occurence that it happens. The labor rate they are charging per hour is about average....the time they have estimated is more of a guesstimate. I truly do not think they are trying to take advantage of you. -
Answer 2
yes it could, it could even take longer -
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Answer 4
It could, It could even be longer if the plugs are stripped...or frozen -
Answer 5
You may have to soak the sparkplug by spraying som PB blaster then they might break loose. I had a chevy suburban with a 5.7L eng. and customer brought it to me after another mechanic tried to get the plug out. I had to take the head off and heated it, it still wouldn't budge. It was cheaper for me and my customer to just purchase another head and put it on. -