how much is the typical labor on replacing a ford focus motor? on 2000 Ford Focus

My mechanic is telling me that it cost $4500 to replace my engine. Is this correct, because, I feel like I could be getting ripped off.

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depends on what you are purchasing as stated b4
The bigger question is if the rest of a twelve year old economy car merits an investment like that.Usually not.
I would have to agree. Of course people can't always afford to buy new cars so they have to fix what they have. If you have a really good mechanic they'll take care of you by keeping you informed about the reality of your vehicle because being a shop owner isn't just about your bottom line, it's also about helping people out (imo).
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Is your mechanic pricing out a new engine, a rebuilt engine or a used engine? The price will vary drastically between the three.
a rebuilt engine.
If it is rebuilt & that includes labor & parts then it isn't a bad deal.