How much is it to repair a 2007 Toyota Prius Hybrid water pump? on 2007 Toyota Prius

Hello, How much is it to repair a 2007 Toyota Prius Hybrid water pump and belt? Over 100,000 Miles.

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The engine water pump takes 2 hours to replace and the part runs $93. The inverter water pump takes 1.3 hours and the part runs $116.
Hello Dan, my local Toyota dealer says $392 - Water pump and belt. What do you think?
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The repair should cost around $250.00 including the coolant, new belt and waterpump with gasket. You should also take a look at those hoses as well. Good luck and Happy Holidays...
it is a covered recall via toyota til november 2013 or so; it s/b free fix @ your dealer
If my 2007 Prius already had the recall and water pump replaced approx. 25,000 miles ago, could it need a second replacement already? Has anyone had this problem check engine light, vsc light and red warning symbol with Hybrid malfunction code, HVBattery, and a/c code. I did add about three cups of water a month ago. Thanks
I already did the recall and now its giving me this code on my 2006 with 208,000 miles. What is the warranty on the pump?
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