How much is brake line work and cost.
on 2004 Dodge Stratus

brake line busted

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I agree with #1.
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It's hard to advise you with this, sometimes a sectional repair can be done but that usually only means more lines will need addressed in the near future. There are times that every line from front to back needs to be replaced to prevent a subsequent failure, and then you still may be dealing with bleeder screws that might not be able to be removed and/or brake hoses that won't survive the process. Even then with some cars choices of using manufactured lines VS the technician bending the lines him/herself.

With all of this to be considered few repairs demand that a consumer have a solid working relationship with a shop as this one does. These are usually done on a time and materials basis, don't look for a cheap price because cheap usually means cutting corners like not even removing the old lines, and failing to correctly secure the new ones in place.