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2000 Toyota Solara Question: How much is a Diagnostic supposed to cost?

I passed my safety inspection here in VA but not the emissions, due to "engine light" being on (it has been for months now) The station wants to charge me $98 for a diagnostic (labor) which I think takes about 10 seconds to plug in the machine. Maybe not I don't know. They said they have "the code" indicating the problem but need to run diagnostics. Then of course whatever the problems is will be extra, I understand that. I forget what the diagnostic code is but I can find out if that will help. Thanks, you guys are so helpful!!!! Gail -
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The 'code typically points to the system affected. many codes can have any number of causes , some very simple , others well....not so simple.That $98.00 may save you hundreds in bad guesses and wrong or unnecessary parts. Northern va. emissions program has what they call a 'waiver amount' of $755.00 IF you bring your vehicle to a 'certified emissions repair facility' with your papers from the 'failed' test , they should be able and WILLING to explain the process. If applicable repair attempts are made AND documented (on the DEQ form you were given) , when the dollar amount hits at least 755 and it still does not pass , you may be issued a 'waiver'by the DMV. AGAIN I STRESS proper documentation by a 'CERTIFIED EMISSIONS REPAIR FACILITY' IS A MUST. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY TELL YOU . deq WEBSITE FOR No. Va. IS 'AIRCHECK VIRGINIA', GOOGLE THAT AND THE FIRST ONE UP ON THE LIST SHOULD GET YOU THE SITE. IT HAS CONSUMER INFO AND FAQs. -
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Wow that's a lot of good info........I will check the website and see what they say there. I guess technically I don't have to worry about it til it's time to renew my tags, but I need to find out what the legal stuff is about, like you said. Nobody explained anything about waivers or gave me a time period, other than I had to come back to them in a few days to get the work done or I would have to pay for the inspection all over again. Thanks for your help I really do appreciate it Gail -
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As an emissions inspector myself, I'm embarrased by some of the others lack of interest in advising the customers of there choices. For a lot of them it's just easy money and that's all. I hope things work out for you , and I hope the 'fix' is a lot less than the 'waiver' amount! -