2004 Chevrolet Suburban 1500 Q&A

2004 Chevrolet Suburban 1500 Question: how much for a transmission pump for 2004 chev suburban

tranny fluid seems fine and color ok. gears slipping when accelarting along with whining. at 40mph rpms go up to 4-5 will bring to have filter and fluid checked but preparing for the worst... any suggestions -
Answer 1
The transmission will have to be removed to install the pump so it needs an overhaul at that same time!! Have a transmission shop like aamco check it out to see what it needs. I think it is a free service. However they 'may' need to pull the pan to see what kind of residue is in it. How long has it been slipping? -
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just started tonight...ran fine during the day. hoping it may be something simple...meaning less $$ ??? actually the fluid was a bit high. leaking fluid on floor of garage but husband said it was radiator fluid. dont they look the same? -
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Not really, trans fluid is more red in color, will feel and smell different. -
Answer 2
these 4l60e transmissions are known for failure at approx 100k miles,do not waste time with a bandaid repair if you have that mileage, repl with factory trans from gm for approx 3300.00 and a 3yr 100k mile warranty -