how much fluid is needed when replacing transmission on 2004 Ford Freestar

removing pan and replacing filter and pan gskt. not the total amount it holds just replacing filter. I do not have a problem with transmission

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could be anywhere from 4-8 quarts...
nobody knows the correct amount, I have searched Chilton internet, even ammco shop, so when I do it I will let everyone know how much is needed and post it for the future . thanks and have a good ford day. donobull
start by adding four quarts then start the vehicle and top off as needed, then drive it around and check it again after test drive to confirm propper level..
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You could use an empty drain pan, catch what drains out and measure it ! Since you are not having any problems, no leaks etc. it should be a very accurate measurement of how much needs to be put back in ! nobull
did the change ,filter and gskt. it holds 8 quarts 5 in the torque converter and 8 in the rest
That's 13 Qts! LOL.

I know what ya mean!
I just replaced the filter and pan gskt,itdrained out 8 quarts, so I put in 8 quarts and it was perfect. I do not believe in transmission flush, seen to many trannys go bad afyer flusch
I AGREE 100%!!!
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