how much dose a tune-up for a 2001 ford traurs cost ? on 2001 Ford Taurus

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we keep getting so manny answers about this, PLEASE HELP..
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I suppose it depends on how it runs,and how thorough you want to be.No set price.
Replacing the spark plugs is #1 on the agenda,not a big labor or parts cost-that alone,should cure a lot of running problems.
Going deeper,you can change air and fuel filters,spark plug wires,pcv valve,etc.
If you want to keep the car,you wouldn't be wasting money to service the transmission,motor oil change and filter,change brake and power steering fluid and antifreeze.
Why do you think you need a tuneup? How many miles do you have on the car?
That's a valid response as well.I went through all sorts of typical tune up and repair items on my 2002 Taurus that had an unusual running problem,including upper and lower manifold gaskets,before I finally came to the cause; a bad coil.
If you provide more info you might get the right answers you want. How many miles,what have you already done,and is your check engine light on? When I say what have you done, I mean what have you replaced up to this point.
Thank you all for this responses. For starter's 126,000 on this 2001,It rattles and humms,cuts off waited at the light,eats up gas,and stalls...So what do u all think...Help!
You have to have a check engine light on. What are the trouble codes?