How much does it cost to replace the turbo charge in my 1999 S70 AWD VOLVO on 1999 Volvo S70

muffler is blowing out heavy "white" smoke.

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The heavy white smoke is most likely a head gasket issue, especially if it smells sweet. Does it and do you have to add coolant? How is your coolant level? Typically, turbos will blow very blue/gray smoke, because the oil gets by the bearing seals as the turbo bearing wear out.
Thanks for explaining the different levels/types of "smoke" intensity. I rechecked and the smoke blowing from my car is actually light bluish/grayish. No, I didn't have to continuously add coolant. The coolant level appears normal. Again,I'm asking the actually cost for a "turbo charger" for my car?
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Costs for parts only $645 - $800. Google various online parts stores.